Educational Institutions

At American Church Group of Minnesota, we’ll work with you to develop an insurance plan that includes coverages created specifically for Christian schools—from K-12 schools to colleges and universities. 

Some of these may include:

  • Providing a review of buildings you own to make sure there is adequate insurance protection in the event of a total loss.
  • Making sure the ministry’s finances are protected in the event of theft.
  • Making sure your board members, many of whom are volunteers, are personally protected for liability claims that may arise.
  • Helping prepare a risk management plan for preventing injuries to students along with insurance protection in the event a student is injured.
  • Protecting emotional injury in the event of a “bullying” incident.
  • Providing Religious Freedom Protection Coverage so you may teach curricula based on your religious beliefs.
  • Protecting against claims of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.

Our team of ministry insurance professionals will develop an insurance program designed to address your school’s concerns.

Customer Story

Insurance protects against employee fraud

When it comes to areas of vulnerability for ministries, finances rank near the top of the list. Nothing is more shocking than when an employee violates trust by mishandling finances. For one Christian school, the reality of this could have been financially devastating, if not for their insurance protection.

This school discovered that an employee stole thousands of dollars in tuition fees paid by international students. The employee was depositing the tuition in a personal “not for profit” account that he had established for himself. Once school leaders discovered the theft, they allowed the employee to be prosecuted. Thanks to their insurance coverage, the school was able to recover $100,000 for the former employee’s theft.