COVID-19 Resources

While we do not know the extent to which your ministry may be affected by COVID-19, we do know there are many questions. Because of that, we have provided articles from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and other resources that may help provide you with some direction. American Church Group of Minnesota is here for your church and/or related ministry.

Before We Gather

We'll be compiling resources on this page to help ministries plan to resume their normal operations. Here's just a few of the questions you may be considering as your teams begin to prepare. What will the worship schedule look like? Do we need signage? What new training will our staff and volunteers need? How will we communicate about changes we will be implementing?  When will we resume children's ministry? How do we handle social distancing? What supplies do we need?

Learn about the three phases for opening America safely, discussed in this PDF: Guidelines - Opening Up America Again by The White House and CDC.


Get On The Bus

Mold And Legionella Lurk In Unused Buildings

COVID+ And Your Ministry: Tracking And Tracing

To Sing Or Not To Sing

Think Creatively To Maximize Your Children's Ministry Activities

Pastoral Wellness: Resilient Pastors Take Time For Self-Care

Pastoral Care: Gaining Perspective and Recognizing Burnout

Staffing The Children's Ministry

What Does Children's Ministry Looks Like Going Forward?

Children's Ministry Prep - Cleaning and Disinfecting

Planning for Social Distancing

Back to Work, Back to Basics

Deep Clean and Disinfect

How to Communicate as Your Church Resumes Normal Operations

Taking the Touch Out of High-Touch Areas

Facilities Preparation


Apply for CARES Act Funding

Learn about the CARES Act and two loans for which ministries may be eligible, since Congress authorized additional funding April 23. 


Coronavirus: Employment Concerns

Coronavirus And Cyber Fraud

A Ministry Guide To PPP Loan Forgiveness

Social Security Recipients To Automatically Receive Stimulus Payments

Take Advantage Of Giving Incentive During The COVID-19 Crisis

Paycheck Protection Program: Top 7 Takeaways for Ministries

Social Security Recipients to Automatically Receive Stimulus Payments

Take Advantage of Giving Incentive During the COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus: Ministries Eligible for CARES Act Funding 

Coronavirus: Emergency Sick Leave and Ministry Payroll


Insurance Information

You may be wondering whether your ministry is covered for claims arising from the novel coronavirus--COVID-19. Read Brotherhood Mutual's general overview for more information. 

Customer Premium Credit

Brotherhood Mutual is helping customers across the nation by applying a 15% credit on two months of liability premium on their Brotherhood Mutual Auto policy and Commercial Multi-Peril policy in effect on April 15, 2020. The credit will be applied as the company receives approval from each state. Customers will not have to do anything to receive the credit. It will be applied automatically to your policy when our state’s approval comes through. Read More

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus Resources for Ministries  

Brotherhood Mutual has been researching, crowd sourcing, and writing articles to help ministries navigate the path of the coronavirus from outbreak to pandemic. They've compiled resources to help you through each stage of COVID-19 including prevention, security, communication, online strategies, deep cleaning, giving, funding, and more. Click on the articles below to read more.

Learn more about the preventive steps your organization can take to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus by visiting these CDC web pages:

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Posted April 29, 2020.  


Coronavirus--COVID-19 Prevention and Planning Guidance

Review your Infectious Disease Plan

Church Shares Coronavirus Messaging

Coronavirus: Creative Ways to Approaching Communion

In-Person Services Cancelled: Taking the Gospel Online

Coronavirus and Your Building: Deep Clean and Disinfect

Communicating in a Time of Coronavirus

Giving in Digital Times

Allergies or COVID-19? Clara Can Help Assess

Empty Buildings Attract Problems

Property Maintenance Prevents Surprises

Coronavirus: Temporary Day Care Guidelines

Employment Concerns Faced by Christian Organizations During COVID-19 Outbreak

Stay Connected—Alternate Ways to Host a Church Service

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting

Coronavirus and Cyber Fraud

Safely Host a Drive-In Worship Service

Coronavirus: How Will Emergency Sick Leave and Family Leave Affect Ministry Payroll?


Questions about Coronavirus and how it may affect your ministry? Submit your question through Brotherhood Mutual's Legal Assist.

The information provided on this page is intended to be helpful, but it does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney in your area. We strongly encourage you to regularly consult with a local attorney as part of your risk management program.